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Our Faculty & Staff

Those I am associated with Vrindavan branch of KMPS, my opinion and views are all my colleagues are very hard working and devoted and dedicated for the task assigned to them.

All the coordinators are the backbone of this esteemed school physically and into they are par excellence. It is they who run all the plan into and physical activities. I am highly indeepted that to be a part of this great team as a history teacher councilor motivating the children to my best of abilities.(Our School)

I personally found few mother teachers are very passionate towards their jobs in my eyes their task is very harten as they teach a small child how to read and write which is a big thing in this wold.Sport teachers are the real discipline incharge and maintaing the sporting in the whole campus without the sporting in the whole campus without their corporation no function can be executed suceesfully.

Last but not the least my special thanks goes to my cordinator who not only guide me in all my problems .She is always their for betterment of students not only in the studies but keep advising them to achieve their future stick goals,beside being a good human ,being she is a good teacher her presence in the institute is a great strength ,her humbleness down to the earth nature is admire by all the staff members.